My  Story

After 10 years working as a project manager in IT, in different types of companies, I needed a change of career as I wanted my work to have a positive impact on people. During my search, I found out about coaching, first, as a client, before I won a coaching training with Co-Active Training Institute.

This training helped me understand how coaching works and why it is so helpful to people.

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​With that in mind, I started to support people around me, with beautiful projects in their beautiful minds. What they needed was support in order to take the first step to make their projects come true. I give them the floor in these customer stories (in French).

By listening to them, I realized that I had finally found where I belonged and that I had managed to have the positive impact I wanted to have through my work. This is the moment when I decided to start working as a project coach. Compassionate and enthusiastic, I support people who have a vision on the path towards achievement. I also help people who want a change in their life to clarify their goal.

Contact me for a “first step”, a first meeting to begin the action towards your goal.