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Wheel of life: template and instructions

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The wheel of life is one of the first coaching tools I've encountered. Though it may seem simple, it's a powerful tool. In this article, I'll share what it looks like, how and when to use it. There's also a bonus template that you can download and use at home.

The idea behind the wheel of life

The wheel of life looks like... a wheel! It's divided into 8 slices, each matching a topic that you'll want to evaluate.

At the bottom of this page, you'll find a version that you can download for free that covers the classic topics: career, health, lifestyle...

It's a good place to start when you want to make changes in your life and want to clarify what to address first.

In my practice, I like to offer a specific wheel, customized to meet the needs of each client.

When can I use the wheel?

Technically, the wheel can be used at anytime. It's a good tool to review different aspects of your life and decide on actions to gain access to a more fulfilled life. Traditionally, the first days of the year are a moment to question yourself and take resolutions for the year. The wheel of life is a good way to look at your life from different angles, analyze the situation and decide what changes you want to make.

Naturally, the tool can be used at other moments, for example after a big change (a move, a breakup, a new job...) or even a more regular one (the end of the sport season, your birthday...). The only condition is to be keen to take action.

How do I use the wheel?

The main interest of the wheel is to support you taking a step back. Therefore, first setup a moment for yourself, about fifteen minutes of quiet, undisturbed time.

Get ready:

Take a step back in an inspiring setting
  • Print the sheet that you can download at the end of the article, or copy the pattern on a piece of paper.

  • Decide where to settle: a relaxing spot, a comfortable chair.

  • Prepare a pen / pencil, felt markers or crayons.

  • Put your phone in plane mode, all the answers are within you.

  • Add the little extra that will relax you: some music, a cup of tea, a heating pad...

En route!

  • To get ready for the exercise, close your eyes or soften your gaze, take a few deep breaths and feel the calm that comes to you.

  • Choose the topic you want to start with. Maybe one of them resonates with you? You can also let your intuition guide you. Still unsure about where to start? Close your eyes and point randomly on the wheel!

  • Once you have chosen the topic, take a moment to think about what it represents for you. For example, if you picked the "career" topic, think about your dream job. Not the one your parents want you to embrace or the one the articles you read boast. The one that makes you thrill, that gives you goose bumps when you think about it. Yours.

  • What you have identified as the cream of the crop for this topic is the 10/10, the outer circle of the wheel, the maximum goal achievement. Now, think about your current situation. How does it stand compared to this ideal scenario? Be true to yourself, neither too optimistic, nor too pessimistic. It's important to have a clear view on the present situation. Give a mark for this topic, between 0 (it's all wrong) to 10 (I've reached my ideal for this topic).

  • On the printed wheel, use your pen or pencil to trace the line corresponding to the evaluation using the dotted line. Then, colour the space between the centre and the line to visualize the area covered for this topic.

Repeat the steps for each of the topics. You will then create your personal version of the wheel:

So what?

Congratulations! You have completed your wheel of life. First, take a moment to congratulate yourself for taking this time for yourself, this step back.

Deepen the exercise by taking a look at your wheel. Is there a topic that catches your attention? Take a closer look at it and think again about the ideal situation for this topic. Can you think of an action that you can take now to move towards your ideal?

To conclude

Setting up a first action will help you start a movement towards your goal for the topic. Staying committed might be harder: how long do your new year resolutions usually last? A few weeks ? A few hours? Only 12% of people keep their resolutions during the year. The solution to make it last is to be supported by a professional coach! Once your wheel is completed, book a free appointment ( and let's create the change that you want to see in your life!

wheel of life instructions one page
Download PDF • 811KB

Click on the document to download it. The instructions are included, you simply have to print it and get started. Enjoy!

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